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Michelle talking by the piano
Michelle talking by the piano

Teachers, we know you want to perfect your studio skills the way you did your passagio and killer money notes.


Singers and actors, we agree: you really should up your performance game if you ever want to get solid management, continuous contracts, and keep that AEA status.


Entrepreneurs and executives, your voice is what allows you to lead the meeting and own the room. To be you. All of your leadership and authority comes from the ways you use your voice.

We’re here to hand over the tools and skills vital to making your voice heard, with health, for life.

So let’s meet up, here in Sacramento, or online, and make a plan to get your voice out there.

Let’s multiply some talents.

What They Say

Michelle has an unique way of getting right to the core of what each performer needs to take their skill to the next level. Her straight forward, heartfelt approach motivates my performers to realize their strengths, while addressing underlying issues that may be a hindrance. The genuineness of her teaching technique draws every individual in, and her ability to adapt to every actor’s learning style leaves them awakened with the desire to strive for improvement, regardless of their current skill. My performers are made stronger and more aware every time she does a workshop with them, and they love to learn from her!

– Jenita Nakamura
Managing Director for Stage Kids CA (2014-present)
Former Captain & 2005 Pro Bowl Representative for Tennessee Titans Entertainment (1999-2005)

My daughter, Paige, started training with Michelle just before she turned 10. From the beginning I appreciated Michelle’s professionalism, she was easy to communicate with and was very clear about expectations, fees, etc. We had met with a couple of other potential teachers and felt immediately after our first meeting with Michelle that she had much more to offer. The investment we made with Michelle I believe has made the difference between Paige singing as a fun extracurricular activity to her pursuing this in college. She taught her not only about singing but about being a performer and so much more. I am 100% confident that the path that Paige has taken would look much different had we not chose to train with Michelle. The bond that was formed between the two of them is one that will be with Paige the rest of her life.

I believe part of why Michelle had such an impact on Paige was because she started when she was young and grew up with her though some of her most formative years. However, I also saw other students of Michelle’s that started much later and the improvement and same emotional connection that I witnessed with those students was just as evident. She gives 100% to her students and expects the same from them. She will be honest with them, she will push them hard and she will always be there for them.

– Patti Decena, Paige’s mom

Michelle Markwart Deveaux is a teacher of teachers. Every time we connect, I walk away not only as a better vocalist with additional skills but also a better voice teacher. She is a tireless advocate for her students, is diligent in her pre-lesson prep work, and a wonderful model for how to be a 21st Century vocal pedagogue. She is incredibly knowledgeable and challenges me to really “know,” down to the muscular-level, what works and why it works. When she works with my students, they come back inspired and ready to work! If you work with Michelle, she will challenge you. She will kick your butt. She will expect you to be ready to work. But she’ll also be in your corner when you hit that inevitable wall. Sure, she’ll toss your hat over that wall and fully expect you to scale it… But she’ll be on one knee, hands laced together, ready to give you a big boost and cheer you on as you scale it. She enriches the lives and voices of those around her.

– Sheila Townsend, Owner of Upper Floor Studio, Actor/Singer (Mezzo-Belt)

Michelle is a no nonsense teacher. She is blunt and honest and is never afraid to tell you exactly what she thinks (because she cares). Not everybody can handle that. But Michelle is a professional and treats you how you’re going to be treated in the real world—there is no time for coddling. But if you are ready to get to work, you will be abundantly rewarded. She is incredibly knowledgeable, arguably one of the smartest people I know, as well as being versatile. She really does it all: musical theater, opera, jazz, pop/rock, gospel, and all with a solid foundation of bel canto technique which, once learned, will allow you to be just as versatile. Michelle taught me to expect more of myself. I have worked with Michelle since I was 11, and although I am in college for musical theater now and have worked professionally, she is the teacher I will never let go of because she gets it—she gets the technique, she gets the industry, and she gets how to move an audience. She is invaluable. She knows the difference between what makes a good performer and what makes a great one, and she will do everything in her power to make you the best you can be.

– Jamie Landrum, Student at University of Utah, BFA in Musical Theater
Actor, Pioneer Theatre Company

I am a returning student to the faithculturekiss Studio of Michelle Markwart Deveaux and was delighted to learn that Michelle had moved her Studio from San Jose to the Sacramento Area. Her move allowed me to resume vocal instruction with her.  As a classically trained soprano, I had several active years of experience performing on stage in Bay Area opera choruses and choral groups. I first worked with Michelle in 2013 (San Jose) on the recommendation of a fellow vocalist. I selected Michelle because I desired to transition from classical voice performance to jazz; and, I needed help to overcome pitch and tonal changes caused by my hearing loss. I needed to learn to trust my musical knowledge and improve my musicianship to better support my vocals and become less depended on my ear. I did not know how to go about it.  This for me was an daunting task, but not for Michelle. I have enjoyed Michelle’s coaching technique and her technical, yet deeply artistic approach to voice training. The clearest way to describe Michelle’s technique is to say that her vocal guidance and direction trains you to be a musician, as well as a singer.  This has meant learning to read music well and to be conscious of the role your accompanying musicians play in supporting vocals. Michelle teaches how to see things from the musicians’ perspective. In my opinion, this is an essential element of truly good jazz performance with its frequent, and ever so stylized improvisations. For me this has been an awakening that has improved my ability and my understanding of jazz vocal performance.  Michelle’s approach to vocal training is deeply rooted in her years of coaching, her extensive technical knowledge of stage performance in many genres, as well as her own vocal performance experiences. Michelle continually encourages me to challenge myself to experiment and improvise so that I can establish my own vocal style. She is helping me overcome the challenges posed by my hearing loss.  To be able to sing again and experience the challenges offered in the jazz genre has made singing enjoyable and rewarding for me once more. Thank you, Michelle.  I would recommend the faithculturekiss Studio to anyone who wants to pursue excellence in vocal performance. It all begins with excellent training and dedicated practice.  Michelle is the person you want.

– Marilyn Harang, Jazz Vocalist, Former member of Lamplighters Music Theatre

Michelle’s workshop at USU has has a lasting impact on the students who had the opportunity to participate. I have observed many of these emerging voice teachers implementing the strategies they learned from Michelle as they start their studios and work to build high quality relationships with new and continuing clients. While we teach the methodology, physiology, and acoustics of voice teaching in vocal pedagogy courses, it’s so hard to find time to help students build and maintain a business– Michelle did that thoroughly and engagingly. I sincerely hope to bring her back to work with our students again in the future..

– Errik M. Hood, DMA,
Assistant Professor and Voice and Opera Program Coordinator
Caine College of the Arts | Utah State University

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