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Multiply Your Talents

Michelle Markwart Deveaux


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Teachers, we know you want to perfect your studio skills the way you did your passagio and killer money notes.


Singers and actors, we agree: you really should up your performance game if you ever want to get solid management, continuous contracts, and keep that AEA status.


Entrepreneurs, executives, influencers,  your voice is what allows you to lead the meeting and own the room. To be you. All of your leadership and authority comes from the ways you use your voice.

We’re here to hand over the tools and skills vital to making your voice heard, with health, for life.

So let’s meet up, here in Sacramento, or online, and make a plan to get your voice out there.


Let’s multiply some talents.

What’s all the hullaballoo?

How does one work with you?


Choose the kind of work we get to do together below

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Business Strategy & Coaching

It takes more than the skill of singing to be a great voice studio owner!

We get to be singers, trainers, AND business owners! And I LOOOOOOOVE it!

This is the place for you if you would like to work on:

  • Increasing revenue
  • Policy creation & recreation
  • Mindset around money and pricing
  • Exploring brand, offers, or a new model
  • Marketing to ideal clients

Every coach needs a coach; every teacher needs a teacher.

Voice Work

Working with your voice on what it does and how it does it is a magical, if sometimes confusing, journey.

Let’s go together!
This is the place for you if you would like to work on your:

  • Singing
  • Infuencing, speaking & presentation skills
  • Executive presence
  • Vocal health & habiliation
  • Auditions& Role Prep
  • Kiddos voice changes (yep! Kiddos are most welcome here! And parents, I gotchu.)

Every voice needs a champion on their team.

The SpeakEasy Cooperative

Psst! Voice Biz Owners!


Come and join the community conversation.
Get the password and see what’s going on inside…
We crank professional development up to eleven!

Psst! Voice Biz Owners!

Come and join the community conversation.
We crank professional development up to eleven!

The SpeakEasy Cooperative

What They Say About Michelle

I’m so grateful for Michelle’s expertise! She is uniquely qualified to share business advice with members of our community. Even if I had been able to get information from a coach who isn’t well-acquainted with the idiosyncracies of our profession, when it comes from Michelle I am able to be vastly more confident that she’s steering me in the right direction.

Claudia Friedlander,

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