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I’m Michelle.


I’m Michelle.

I am a Voice Maven.

Words like “velum” and “posterior cricoarytenoid” make my heart flutter. Guess that makes me a voice nerd, too. Psst… not sure what those words mean? Check this out.  

I get up in your business and force you to do uncomfortable things.

Why do I do this? So you can tell incredible stories. Chisel paths for audiences to feel all the feels. Oh, and stick it to all the people that told you that being on stage, or using your voice in public, or teaching voice for a living, was a terrible career choice.

How do you want to use your voice?

… On it.

Musical Theater?
… Absolutely.

Italian Art Song?
… Yup.

… You Bet.

Commercial Music like Rock and Pop?
… So on board.

Public Speaking?
… TedTalk, here we come.

Confidence while interacting with the other humans?
… Let’s own it.

Owning a durned fine Voice Related Business dedicated to changing humanity one larynx at a time?
… That’s my bag, baby.

German Lieder?
… Not so much, but I know a gal.

Using savvy info to build your healthy, efficient, and savvy voice.

bel canto.

It’s how I was trained. But that’s not the only way, amiright?

Starting out with this foundation gave me mojo and discipline to pursue training in Pop/Rock/Jazz/alltheotheramplifiedsinging and Musical Theatre techniques.

All training I pursue goes back to my high school voice teacher’s ability to see that I could cross-train, and cross-over genres.

So whether I’m gigging with a Jazz trio, or performing with a symphony, the foundation is technical skill and artistic drive.

And, if we do voice work together, it’s how we’ll work to get your voice doing what it needs to do, with health, efficiency, and consistency. More importantly, you’ll get it doing what you want it to do.

What Have I Done?

Recent adventures


  • “How to Run Your Studio Without Hating Your Boss” Class Cohort 2 has just finished up, and registration for Summer 2019 is opening soon!
  • Workshop on Fee Structures in the Studio, Cal West Regional NATS Auditions, Reno, NV
  • Return guest on Nikki Loney’s Full Voice Podcast
  • Return guest on Dr. Dan’s Singing Essentials
  • Workshop on Pricing in the Studio for New England Conservatory
  • Musical Theater MasterClass ~ Sing it Like You Mean It, University of Utah, Salt Lake City Utah
  • Selections from Vivaldi’s Gloria, Mezzo-Soprano soloist, Rancho Cordova Civic Light Orchestra
  • Vocals for the Dave Bass Sextet, Antiquité Maison Privée, Sacramento, CA