Eden Casteel

Posted On October 21, 2019

What's your full name?

Eden Casteel

What’s your business’ name?

Eden Casteel Music Studio

How long have you been in business?

I’ve been a completely independent voice teacher in Rhode Island since 2017. Prior to that, I was an adjunct voice teacher at several colleges in the Midwest and in the Northeast, while maintaining a private studio part-time.

What do you do? Tell us about your voice-related business(es)!

Most of my business is my private studio, and I teach about 20-25 hours a week (sometimes less, very few times more). I work on technical vocal skill and repertoire work. I also support singers in my state by playing organ and piano for churches and events. What I'm really good at is creating performing opportunities for my students with custom showcases and productions. I also run EC Edits, a small editing/writing/graphics enterprise. I help other music teachers and small businesses create social media graphics, memes, resumes and bios, and even theme songs.

What are you proudest of in your work?

I'm proud that I figured out what I wanted my studio to be, and I've brought it into being. I've helped myself, but better than that, I have helped my students do the kinds of things I've dreamed they would be able to do. For many frustrating years I wondered if my teaching and performing dreams were just not achievable. But now, I'm Doing The Thing!

What is a major hurdle you've overcome in your singing and/or voice business?

Even though I have been singing since the age of five, I was a late bloomer. I didn’t really come into my voice until I was 34, when, after a year of sadness and loss, I contracted flu and pneumonia. When I was laying there wondering if I’d ever be able to draw a deep breath again, I thought, “What would I love to do if I could breathe again?” And the answer was, “Sing.” It took me several months to heal, but then I sang a full recital, and for the first time, I sang just for me, Not for grades, not for approval. Just me. And that’s how I sing now.
In my business: I’m proud that I can support myself and my family doing what I love and what I’m really good at doing. I feel like I am living out my vocation.

How have you and your business grown since joining SECO?

For a long time I felt frustrated and alone. I didn't know any other voice teachers like me: Ivory tower refugees who treated their studios as profit generators, and who juggled multiple interests and income streams. I thought I was a unicorn. And then, eureka, I found SECO, which is 100% unicorns! It feels so good to be consistently supported, acknowledged, challenged, and cheered by my fellow bootleggers. SECO membership makes me feel like I can do ANYTHING I want with my studio, my business, and my music. And so I do!

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