One of the most powerful things I did in 2019 was to uncover the framework that I use to run my business.
It goes beyond a mission statement and a vision statement.
It’s a manifesto turned practical and actionable skeleton that is used to determine decisions, create content, and focus my ever-exploring pioneering brains.
This BeastyBoss Blueprint™️ was one of the most arduous tasks I’ve ever done.
One of the most deeply challenging things I’ve created.
This blueprint will grow and change, of course: that is what plans do… give us something to veer from.
Some people are framework creators and some are framework implementors.
It so happens that I *thought* I was a framework implementor. Yet, things would still go sideways and be more laborious than they needed to be.
Turns out, I was also supposed to be a *creator*.
I’m both!
What about you?
In 2020, The SpeakEasy Cooperative, the Seminars I will lead, the pre-conference workshop at NATS, The VIP Room Experience, How to Run Your Voice Biz Without Hating Your Boss, and each thing I say yes to, will be implemented with this in mind: Can I, Michelle, help you implement, create, or both?
If you’d like to learn more about The BeastyBoss Blueprint, drop me a line. I’ll be giving some webinars on it, writing about it, and doing my best to show up for you as you show up for yourselves!
My word this year? INCARNATE.


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