Let’s Ban the Word Busy

by | Feb 24, 2019 | 0 comments

I’ve noticed a trend. You’re starting to get in the groove.

You grow, become unfettered, increase your mission and vision in the world. 


And then, you get… busy

Or do you?

Here is the charge, vocalistas: Let’s ban the word “busy”.

We like to use the word “busy” as we use the word “fine”. 

It is a non-answer. 

We use it to excuse ourselves from our priorities.
To shove off an answer.
Move along quickly from a conversation.

We use the word “busy” to apologize for having a full and intentional life that is designed to give us maximum pleasure, passion, and profit.

So, from here on out… no more “busy.”

When someone tells you that you are busy, what would it feel like to say:
“Actually, I’m not busy. I’m super intentional about my time!”
“It can seem like that, can’t it? I’m really clear on how I am living right now, it’s full of lots of things I love to do!”

Same goes for when someone asks “How are you?”

Replace “busy” with:
“Moving and grooving”
“Kickin’ butt and taken’ names”
“Full of tasks and awesome”

Whattya say? Let’s ban busy, and get back to business. You in?


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