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Tuesday Training: Another Suitcase In Another Hall

Tuesday Training: Another Suitcase In Another Hall

Things are opening up, opportunities abound, and overwhelm is looming (perhaps?). What do you need to know now that we're coming out of things? How has the market changed? What do we need to consider as we now have so many more options available for serving our...
Tuesday Training: Copy Clarity

Tuesday Training: Copy Clarity

A thing you’ve heard Christin say 8, 247 times:
Writing your own copy is like labor, only it takes longer and hurts worse.
But the truth is, it usually feels that way because we haven’t asked ourselves the right questions before diving in. In this quick, quirky presentation, we’ll chat about WHAT you’re trying to say, HOW you might wanna say it, and most importantly, WHY you’re saying it at all…so that you can skip the jabber and speak right to your client’s heart.

VCB: Make Your Website Work For You!

VCB: Make Your Website Work For You!

Join Angela Winter and learn what your website really needs! From Angela: You know you need one, but what do you do with it? A website is so much more than a pretty picture and snazzy words! In this session we'll talk about the purpose and alignment of your website,...

VCP: The 4 Benefits of YouTube for Your Studio Business

Are you considering creating a YouTube channel? Do you wonder if all the work is worth it? Valerie White Williams will be sharing the 4 Benefits of YouTube for every business and how you can get started. This workshop is for all teachers on all levels but especially...

Tuesday Training: Ideal Client

Join us for a foray into ideal client work and philosophy: WHAT is "ideal client," WHY does knowing your ideal client matter for your business, and HOW do you use this information?   . . .             OOPS! This page is for...