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VCB: Breathwork & Anxiety: Help or Hinder?

VCB: Breathwork & Anxiety: Help or Hinder?

Join Deborah Berioli for an explanation of the connection between respiratory physiology and anxiety/panic disorders. She will offer several techniques which can help individuals mitigate symptoms of stage fright and negative thoughts, as well as exercises that...

VCB: Singing and Neuroscience: Using Brain Science to Interrupt Inefficient Habits

This is for teachers interested in how neuroscience works in singing, and wanting usable tools without being overwhelmed.” Join Meredith Colby in this exploration of neuroscience in the voice studio! Singing is a very complex behavior, but at its core it’s a motor skill. Your brain has reliable and predictable systems for creating, disrupting, and altering motor skills. Want to utilize these systems in your teaching studio? How about your own singing? Let’s talk neuroscience, y’all!