You started your own voice studio because you love teaching, dammit.

Not because you wanted a “business.”

But here you are, with all the freedom and terror of being your own boss.

Freedom because you don’t have to share the $$$$$$ or the vacation schedule with anybody else.

But terror because…everything is riding on you.

And you’d rather be naked in public than admit the whole thing makes you want to curl up in a ball and sob sometimes.


Why is this part so hard?

You’d rather count beats than dollars. You prefer sending singers audition cuts to sending reminder emails.

But instead you use up all of your energy sending invoices and answering make-up lesson questions.




How to Run Your Studio Without Hating Your Boss
(Or singing the blues!)

A six-week live, interactive webclass that will teach you exactly how to design the studio that:

Feeds your soul and your face
Provides a retirement fund, even
Gives you a reputation that brings you joy and respect
Creates measured results in terms of boundaries and budget
Earns you all the beastyboss fist pumps* AKA you and your boss will fall in love

* patent pending

This isn’t about being a business person. This is about tackling 6 (oft-)set-aside practices which will Up-Level you to owning a business that gussies up your wallet and fulfills your heart.

What are those 6 practices? I’m only telling the people who enroll in the course…but I can tell you the 1st rule is:

You are not selling voice lessons.


That and other business-changing truthbombs await you.

From honing in on your ideal client to deciding how to set up your tax filing status, H2RYS will get you in tune.

No more justifying your rates.

No more freaking out when you have to enforce your make-up policy.

No more feeling insecure, nay, terrified that you’ll lose students or your reputation.

What’s inside the H2RYS course?


The small cohort (this is limited to only 10 participants!) works together live for six weeks. YEP -that’s right – this ain’t no download it and never-look-at-it-ever course. This is class.

2 hours a week just in class time! I know, 120 minutes can sound like a long time, but it’ll go by faster than the coloratura in La Cenerentola. Each class centers around a key concept and allows some time for questions and conversation.

During the week, you do your homework. You think, make notes, dream, decide. You’ll come back to the next class ready to give a quick overview of your homework and ready for the next week of material. In addition to class, you’ll have one group coaching call a week, to support you as you do all that homework!

You’ll get a workbook to print out and use as your guide. #sofancy!

First sign up here, and book your slot in the class. Be sure to fill out the WHOLE THING, because I can’t wait to learn about how to best tailor the content to your needs through the course. You’ll get an email confirmation, pronto.

Can’t make the ZOOM? Not a problem! Classes are recorded so you can access them at any time.

I’ve got some special perks for those who register for this session!

There are 3 ways to swing a Tony Award-winning Studio:

It all comes down to how much you want to spend.


You’ll get personalized, one-on-one attention but it can cost you up to $50,000. (How do I know? I’m a business coach myself with paying clients. Ooh-la-la! And I work with a coach, too!) Business coaching is well worth the cost if you can find a coach who knows the particulars of the voice world and you’re ready to take specific action to grow your studio.


Many people choose this route because they think it’s free. It’s not. It’s more like $6000 and that’s a conservative estimate. Why? Because you’ll spend about 62 hours searching and reading through Google search results. Then you’ll spend 28.3 more hours asking questions on forums and getting half-answers from folks who don’t know you. Finally, you’ll spend $10 here and $50 there on lead magnets that are designed for online business, not for a brick and mortar service. Multiply and add all that by the average hourly rate of most voice teachers (sixty dollars), and that’s at least six thousand dollars you could have kept in your own pocket. To say nothing of how much $$$$ you’ll lose as you try out the systems that worked for other people – but are actually wrong for your studio.


I’ll walk you through a six-step process I’ve put together, for you, dahhhhling, – via live video – for setting up the studio that brings you maximum happiness and money.

You’ll spend a couple of hours on targeted, proven homework assignments and have access to a cohort of studio owners who, like you, are hungry to level up. AND NEW! I am adding a group coaching call once a week specifically for you and your studios’ needs!

For the rough equivalent of just a few months of voice lessons, you’ll get information and guidance on how to make the investment in the course back, pronto, and how to continue to grow and scale, so you can continue to invest in yourself over and over.

Oh, and as part of the this cohort? I’ve got a couple perks up my sleeve for you as congratulations and thanks for taking the journey with me… stay tuned!

I started my voice studio like you did. I tumbled head first through other people’s suggestions and opinions, with no tried and true advice that fit my personality (or my beliefs!!) around teaching.

At the tender age of 23, I longed for an owner’s manual that was student-love focused instead of ninja-warrior-protect-yourself-from-the-big-bad-student focused. I wished for a book or a course that was relevant, savvy, and on point.

And I certainly didn’t want someone telling me I couldn’t wear yoga pants to teach in. Why? Because that wasn’t me.

My mistake? I listened to the should-ers, and I hated my boss.

Then, like a riff on

B.B. King’s guitar,




If I wanted to love my boss, I needed to do it my way. (See what I did there?) So instead of tumbling head first, I DOVE head first into the creation of a brand and business that would set myself and other studio owners free from the should-ers, the naysayers, the scarcity bullsh*tters, and the plain old mean folks telling us NO.


And I took an exhausting-as-sin, as-many-students-as-I-could-get, chicken-wire-canoe studio to an alive-and-thrive, meet-my-numbers, thirty-hour-a week-that-includes-admin-time-thankyouverymuch sailing yacht studio.


I am dead set to share my knowledges with friends, colleagues, anyone who will listen, about how they too ca’nup their canoe and mojo and happy feelings by incorporating actual business practices into their, well, businesses!


That’s why I developed How to Run Your Studio Without Hating Your Boss. Whether you have your glitter-eyes set on a multi-teacher studio or being THEE local outta-your-living-room teacher, I know you will make this happen. And I know how to help.


I’ve distilled my studio building experience and countless hours of helping fellow studio owners with their marketing, ideal client avatars (I hate this word, by the way), branding, core values identification, and tax id number-getting, so you can learn what you need to know to have a vibrant studio of your own.


Let’s get it. Woot.

What People Are Saying:

I’m slowly making peace with my voice teacher side again. (I’ve been so piano-centric in the past several years.) Michelle is helping me examine my own business coaching tactics with piano teachers. Plus, she brings a smile to my face so many times every day! I love the positive interaction. It just makes you feel good. Michelle is a #BeastyBoss who truly cares about her clients.


– Sara C., West Middlesex, PA

When I met Michelle, I immediately knew that things were about to change. I was at a place in my business where I knew I needed more expertise and more support but where do you find that?! Where do you find someone who will hold your hand and cry with you AND kick your booty? Literally, my businesses (I have 2!), have grown leaps and bounds because of her savvy guidance. I am putting systems in place and my numbers are moving up. So happy I found her!

– Karen M., Las Vegas, NV

I’m a creative, squirrel-brained voice and piano teacher who was desperately in need of someone who “gets” me, who can help me focus my ideas into action steps, who can see the vision I have for my studio clearly when my own lenses are too dirty with the muck of daily life running a small (but growing) teaching studio. That’s why I do business coaching with Michelle. She’s my Yoda. When I’m freaking out, she brings the calm and the wisdom, my God, the wisdom (she has it all, by the way).

My business is more authentic than ever, my sales conversations with people are genuinely me, not sales jargon that makes me feel dirty. When folks buy lessons, they’re buying into the managed crazy that is the magic of my studio. Because she helps me harness the unicorn dreams, give it a path, and bring it to life, I’m more confident than I’ve ever been in the decisions I make that benefit my clients, my teachers, and myself.

– Rebekah P., Orlando, FL

Frequently Asked Questions  [FAQ]

Is the How to Run… class right for me?

You’re in the right place if you are:


  • A new teacher or studio owner and have no idea where to start.
  • A veteran teacher who has been working for someone else and is looking to transition into full-time studio ownership for yourself.
  • A been doing this for a while studio owner, and you’ve tried implementing new policies or rates with varying levels of success.
  • Frustrated because you’re not sure how to respond to student complaints (hey, it happens to the best of us!) and still deliver high-end service without stress.
  • Eager to learn, level up, AND take action (i.e., get your beastyboss on)!

Who is How to Run... class not right for?

This program isn’t right for you if you:


  • Live in the land of “I do not own a business, I just teach”.
  • Feel really happy with the amount of money you’re making, the type of students you attract, and your marketing plan.
  • Don’t want to invest the time and energy in your businesses systems and structure.
  • Already know about things like what your unique value proposition is in the field, what your profit margin on Q1’s revenue streams were, and what your ROI was on your latest online course.
  • Want to learn by osmosis and/or cut and paste what others are doing in their studio business.

How much time will I need for How to Run?

I recommend you spend 2-3 hours a week, in addition to the classes and coaching call, following up on your homework. You’ll be creating shitty first drafts (stole this from my buddy Tom! Thanks, Tom!) of your plans, policies, and procedures. You’ll be thinking deeply and using a lot of brain power. It will be worth it. Promise. You won’t finish your plan in six weeks, but damn, you’ll have a great start and a group of folks supporting you all the way.

How hard is the homework?

Some things you may already have answers to. Some will feel big and WTF. That’s okay! The point of this class is to give you the tools, guidance, resources, and ability to start smart. I am here to guide you through the hard stuff.

Do I have to share my homework?

No. You do not have to. And you may want to. One of the greatest resources you will have in the Indy teaching world is your NETWORK. The more the cohort knows about your business, the more they can work with you in the future!

Do you hold me accountable?

Yes and no. I’ll be asking how your homework went, and we will use your homework in classes to move you toward your ultimate goal of knowing how to implement the information to do marketing, write policies, and decide on the best systems to use. You will not be shamed if you don’t get it done, but your natural consequence will be that you may feel behind. (So teacher-y of me, huh?)

Do I need to be committed?

Yes. Just as you would ask your voice students to be committed to their learning, I ask that you are committed to yours. You do not need to be present in class, but you need to commit to listening to the classes, going through the process, and filling out the workbook. Sounds so un-sexy. Trust me, head-down-blinders-on brings clarity.

What if I miss one of the classes?

If you can’t make one of the classes, I’ve got your back! Each class is recorded and posted in a privately shared DropBox so you can watch or listen as soon as you’re ready. This is also helpful if you want to go back to review anything. I do hope you will come to class, if you are able. I understand part of the reason you are taking the class is that you are currently in a situation where you can’t be there, and you want to change that!

How much is the course?

The course is a one-time, non-refundable payment of $1197. Nekked Truth? Three reasons. 1. Let’s get real. You HATE planning your budget, your studios schedule, and your recitals only to have folks back out last minute. So do I. Investment says you’re in like Flynn. B. Your 24 hour cancellation policy is explicit permission to bail on you and your bottom line, so I want to model what I am going to encourage you to do. Get paid whether your student shows up or not. III. I’m not going to let you bail out only to leave an empty seat that someone else would have wanted. Your payment is your seat in class ~ just like college.

Your inner beastyboss is waiting for you –
Start or revamp your independent studio today,
And say goodbye to singing the blues.

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