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Welcome to:

(the kinda-super-secret, definitely-NOT-for-asshats subscription membership)


For BeastyBoss Independent Voice-Related Business Owners
(yup, like teachers)


Come closer – you’ll need the password if you want to come in…

About that password thing.

Like the speakeasies of old, The SpeakEasy Cooperative is only for people who know the password.

But the password that will open up The SpeakEasy Cooperative doors isn’t a word, per se.

It’s an attitude: BeastyBoss. Not all humans have it… but if you’re here, there’s a 97.32% chance you do.

Take the quiz RIGHT NOW and find out if you’ve got the right stuff for The SpeakEasy Cooperative.

Stop feeling isolated. Start growing your business.

It’s funny. Most days we’re surrounded by clients.

The lead singer of a local rock band warming up for a gig.

The high-level LA executive worried about their next board presentation.

The pitch-imperfect kiddo who is trying their best. Or not.

But somehow we feel so isolated. Lonely, even. If only there was a way to meet other voice-related business owners that are truly like us.

Voice peeps who believe in lifting each other up. And sharing. And killing that BS scarcity mindset that keeps us apart.

Come find all of us at The SpeakEasy Cooperative.

Bootleggers and Moonshiners, come on in.


The SpeakEasy Cooperative is a safe space where you can ask questions and express opinions – without having to defend your expertise, skills, or techniques.

The SpeakEasy Cooperative works so well because you get to do two things at once:

Grow even more fabulous. + Be recognized for how fabulous you are RIGHT NOW.

So, pull up a stool. These are just some of the fabulous conversations we have on tap here at The SpeakEasy Cooperative.

Vocal Pedagogy, Science + Anatomy

(The teaching part)

  • How to keep up with the rapidly evolving nature of voice pedagogy, science, and anatomy
  • Pros and cons of the open studio model / students growing and learning from a village, not a guru
  • Breathing (Yes, it IS possible to discuss this in a friendly and helpful way! SECO proves it)
  • Practical pedagogy and training from fellow experts around the world
  • Questions like, “What is an SOVT?” without judgment or fear

Business Nuts, Bolts, and Brass Tacks

(The business part)

  • Growing your business (YES you run a business and NO you can’t pretend you don’t)
  • Charging what you must based on data and your offers’ value with CONFIDENCE and without apologizing or explaining yourself to other people
  • How to craft policies, stick to them, and not lose your mind or your reputation
  • Techniques for marketing your business without feeling like a used car salesmen
  • Running a multi-teacher studio efficiently
  • Create new business models for the voice world and shake up a whole system

Who’s in charge of this gin joint? Me.

Hi, I’m Michelle Markwart Deveaux. When I’m not spending time with the fine folks in The SpeakEasy Cooperative, I run its parent company, FaithCultureKiss Studios for Voice & Acting, LLC.

I started The SpeakEasy Cooperative because I firmly, adamantly, and passionately believe:

A rising tide lifts all ships

In the old way of doing things? We voice peeps couldn’t be wrong. Couldn’t say, “I don’t know.” Couldn’t admit we needed help or advice or feedback or guidance. We had to be the expert in the room.

The new way of doing this independent voice teacher thing is sharing.

It’s asking for help – and actually getting targeted and specific help, rather than a bunch of opinions and centering.

It’s seeing someone ask for help – and reaching out with all your wisdom and support. A way of giving back out of abundance and self-surity.

If that’s what you’re thirsting for, The SpeakEasy Cooperative is for you.


SpeakEasy Cooperative Membership Includes…

Food for thought: the average cost of voice lessons in the United States is $60 an hour.

The SpeakEasy Cooperative was built so that independent voice entreprenuers  from every market could invest the revenue from less than one lesson back into their own education and co-working space.

Your investment of $69 per month includes:


  • Got questions about pricing, business models, and the specific judo moves you need to turn your students into the best clients a voice biz could ever hope for?


    I’ve learned so much in my 20+ years of experience in running an independent voice studio, providing business coaching, and mentoring teachers–and I regularly drop that wisdom into the group. Like, multiple times a week. (Oh, who am I kidding? Multiple times a day.)

  • The continuing education piece. Learn from and teach your fellow SpeakEasy Coop members in an interactive video setting. Post-lesson, it’s just party time. Bring your martini, mimosa, or cup of hot chocolate! Come when you can, leave when you must.

    There’s one party and one brunch per month. I have the connections, so we also hear from leaders in our field. Past speakers include Sarah Whitten of Seeing the Whole Singer, Shannon Larkins of Black Coffee Studio Luxury Brands, Wendy LeBorgne of The Vocal Athlete, Jenn Whinnem of Obsession Eleven Copyrighting, Kenneth Bozeman, Mary Saunders Barton, Meribeth Dayme (She is with us always), and many more! 

    Topics of past VCP/B’ include “Canva for the Clueless”, “Triple Turns to Triple Threats”, “How to Effectively Co-Teach”, “Alignment vs. Posture in the Singer”, “Branding Basics”… and you’ll get access to them!

  • The Lobby is for saying hello and how-do-you-do and all that jazz. Um, yes pun totally intended. Not open to the public. But don’t loiter for too long – the real party’s in the SpeakEasy Coop itself.

    Sometimes you need to blow off steam just laugh with your kindred minds, amiright? Boop on over to the group and do so!

  • SECO is always open! This is where we dig deep and get to work. Our very own Slack workspace* lets us have multiple ongoing conversations. Ask questions, post article PDFs, join the book club, and share our own videos.

    This paid interface allows for curation of topics, conversations, and resources that few platforms can. YOU WILL LURV IT.

    *Do you have no idea what Slack is? Don’t worry, we’ll teach you! And you will NEVER GO BACK to “working” in Facebook again!*

  • A Co-Op Community of folks with buy-in, ready to invest in growing one another, and offer their expertise and honest advice, with no judgment, and all love. People who get you, get your goals, share your goals, and have been there to tell you that you can too.

    Being an entrepreneur is lonely. Being an indy voice person is lonely. Put that together and it’s a lot of lonely. The research behind what happens when groups come together for a common goal and mission is clearer than Pepsi circa 1992.

    We solemnly swear to be beta testers and bounce-ideas-off-of-me-ers. That’s a thing, promise.

  • We can’t share too many details here, but all SpeakEasy Cooperative members can take advantage of exclusive rates offered by yours truly as well as invited Cocktail Party + Champagne Brunch guests! One wonderful guest offered her $1500 class to us for only $500. Now that’s abundance, savvy, and growth.


With the advent of the internet and social media, people have never had such access to pedagogical information. But finding communities of other growth-minded teachers who are not competing with each other is very difficult.

The SpeakEasy Cooperative fills that void.

The atmosphere is one of exploration, creativity, support, insight, and education. The conversations are illuminating and encouraging. We are all coming in from different levels and pedagogical backgrounds, and yet we all can access each other in ways that allow for these differences. I think it’s been a great place to find teachers with high pedagogical skill in addition to high emotional intelligence.

Justin Petersen

Owner, Petersen Voice Studio

I joined SECO in order to have more opportunities to connect with the wonderful members I already knew and respected. From those connections I have been able to develop deeper friendships, create business partnerships with new friends, and receive critical, honest feedback on my work. I have no doubt that SECO has enhanced my business life, my personal life, and my businesses’ bottom line.

Nancy Bos

Owner, StudioBos; Voice Actor and Instructor

I was initially reluctant to join The SpeakEasy Cooperative, as teaching voice is often a solitary endeavor, and I am not much of a joiner. I was also skeptical of the cost, as there is no lack of voice teacher groups and forums in which one may pose questions for free. However, upon joining, I instantly gained advocates, cheerleaders, mentors, and friends. I found people who were willing to challenge my old way of thinking and present me with new, fresh ideas—or old, tried-and-true ideas I had missed. I found the community that I didn’t know I needed and now hope to never be without.

Christin Coffee Rondeau

Owner, Sand Dollar Music

In The SpeakEasy I feel comfortable discussing complex and controversial aspects of teaching and learning voice. It is a very friendly environment for someone like me who questions everything and does not pledge allegiance to a method or guru. I am grateful to have this “virtual salon” with such intelligent, talented, and open colleagues!

D. Brian Lee

Owner, Brian Lee Studios; Author, D. Brian Lee Voice

The SpeakEasy Co-op has been an incredible experience for so many reasons. As a young voice teacher, it gives me access to a professional network and pedagogy I wouldn’t have otherwise been exposed to. Even more, Michelle does private business coaching, which has benefited me both professionally and personally. The best part is that it is a safe place to be yourself, regardless of your credentials. You can get feedback on questions, teaching, and so much more without being belittled. It is a warm, welcoming community. The SpeakEasy is exceptionally affordable for any level of voice teacher and well worth the investment.

Allison Saleh

Director and Owner, C'est La Vie Arts

I have been teaching for over 10 years, but as I am brainstorming and working out my new business model, I really feel like I am starting all over with a brand new studio. It’s overwhelming and exciting at the same time. I feel like I am working to put out some new and exciting stuff, but I am sure I will hit the same ‘Oh sh*t’ moment once I put these changes into place. When I do, I wouldn’t want any other folks by my side than those at The SpeakEasy. The SpeakEasy has inspired me.

Kelli Barham

Owner, Barham Voice Studio; Music Director, Regional Theatre of The Palouse

Michelle Markwart Deveaux is truly the coach and vocal pedagogue of the future. She’s a wonderful mentor and is a master at walking the fine line between being extremely useful and an insufferable know it all. I am a better teacher because of her private coaching, and I’m booking performing work because of her! Voice maven for realsies. I’ve never felt belittled or talked down to in The SpeakEasy Cooperative. In fact, my previous experience is celebrated and encouraged. Both as a voice teacher and a performer.

Sheila Townsend

Owner, Upper Floor Studio; EMC

SpeakEasy has been one of the best professional decisions I’ve made in my teaching and performing career. I am surrounded by supportive fellow professionals at all levels of their teaching & performing careers.

The SpeakEasy commitment to being supportive & positive as we cheer one another on has been an invaluable support to me personally regarding business practices, ongoing professional development & education, and especially in having “sounding boards” via trusted colleagues.

The trust we have in one another within the SpeakEasy community means we are free to take extraordinary risks. And this freedom to take amazing-but-scary risks sets us free to soak up the exhilarating growth that comes only through taking such risks.

As one of my SpeakEasy colleagues likes to say, “SpeakEasy is awesomesauce!” ????

Cara Transtrom

Owner, La Voce Studios