Welcome to the first Mentorship and Co-Working Cooperative created by & for Independent Voice Teachers.

Come On In!

Get Ready to Stir (or Shake) Something Up.

Settle in for a Real Nice Time.

The SpeakEasy Cooperative is the kinda-super-secret-not-for-asshats monthly subscription co-op (think, I dunno, hippy grocery stores, or NYC walk ups) where we hang out and dish about pedagogy, performing, voice science, business, life, and adult beverages.

If you’re here, then we’ve already had a little chit-chat.

Or you’ve chit-chatted with someone you trust, and have heard about us.

Or the universe just brought you here, and you’re curious about what else could be out there for independent voice teachers, other than the occasional conference.

You’re like me/us: You love singing and knowing stuff.

You already know how to do this.

Buuuuut you’ve also got an itch for awesomeness, and want more out of our profession.

You are ready to level up.

Been in business 40 days? 40 years? Doesn’t matter. You’re tired of the saymole, “same old” ways that voice teachers do the things. So you’re gonna do something different. With us.

The SpeakEasy Cooperative was built out of what was missing in the independent voice teacher world.

It was built out of a need for those of us who believe in abundance, and savvy, and growth, to hang out and work.

It was built for:

Sophisticated Pedagogy
Born out of Collaboration


Growth Mindset in
Intentional Co-Working Community


Compassionate Education
from/with High Level Resources


  • You’re a Performance Major turned Teacher. You took voice ped for one semester and you forgot all of that stuff because, hey, you just wanted to SING DAMMIT.
  • You’ve even earned a whole degree in voice ped, but stuff changes so fast it’s hard to keep up. (Whadduya mean CCM means Contemporary Commercial Music and not College-Conservatory of Music @ Univ of Cincinnati?)
  • You’ve been kicking around the same exercises for-EVAH and need some fresh takes on the classics, or want to be reminded of the ones that need some dusting off, or feel like ditching them altogether and starting with new genres and ideas.
  • You’re ready to hone your process and make voices function more efficiently, while communicating effectively with students and colleagues.
  • You’re a technique hoarder (Gosh! Why are we SO MUCH ALIKE!?), and lean into the idea of sharing ideas and models to make your relationship with clients even more specific.
  • You want to focus on developing teaching philosophies that empower and free singers and speakers.
  • You’re totally into the open studio model, where students grow and learn from a village, not a guru. 


  • You want to be on the up and up with the vocologists, but have no time to read all the reads, and refresh your memory, and get smart (again) about it~ No time to sit with a medical dictionary next to a text book and re-learn everything because you’ve gotta teach and make some money, yo!
  • You had it all figured out until that one article came out and contradicted that one book, which wasn’t the same as that one presentation. But no one to discuss it with. BOO.
  • You’d like to start making the connections, exploring the direct impact of what we’ve learned from voice scientists, and how it informs our pedagogy, especially in the non-academic demographics we serve as Independents.
  • You want greater and more precise knowledge of the vocal mechanism and how our physiology affects singing.
  • You’re already a vocologist, or a singing voice specialist, and want a place to explore what you do, and further your research. You want to guide others to the best resources and  want to share with other teachers how to create that level of expertise within their studios.


  • You want to run your business like a beasty-boss instead of feeling pressure to be sorry for your policies.  SHOOT! Maybe you’re ready to have a conversation beyond policies, and into market strategy, branding, and scale.
  • You want a space to dig into meaningful conversation, and strategize with other voice studio owners.
  • You want to start new things with your studio and need some peeps to bounce ideas off of and help get your soul baby born. That book, webinar, mastermind? It is waiting for you.
  • You’re great at what you do, and you’d like a community of teachers to pour back into, helping to make them (more) great at what they do.
  • You’ve got a great thing going and need a team of business savvy studio owners to keep you accountable to your goals and task lists.
  • You want that safe place to get support in all the things, because running a business is thrilling, and real hard work.




We independent teachers have a most unique responsibility.

We are responsible for multiple demographics all thriving in one studio.

We work multiple genres, styles, voice types, and voice users every day.

We prepare the high-schooler for college auditions, and a few hours later prep the lead singer of the local rock band for a gig. We’ve got high level executives calling in from LA one minute, and 9-year-old pitch imperfect kiddos walking through the door the next.

We’ve got professionals, semi-professionals, avocationals, and dabblers.

We serve them all with all we are. 

Want a safe space to ask questions, and express opinions, without someone questioning your teaching skill, or your technique, or how you work with your clients?

Want to grow even more fabulous, while being recognized for how fabulous you are RIGHT NOW?


Choose your SpeakEasy Co-op experience:


Sit at the Bar

    • Blog or Vlog blurbs, FB lives, and coolio posts sent to your inbox each month, written by moi, about stuff like:
      • Voice Science and Anatomy
      • Vocal Pedagogy
      • Business Methodology and Practice
      • Acting and Theater-Speak
      • Audition and Rep Talk
      • Anything you belly up to the bar with
    • A monthly Virtual Champagne Brunch, where we do the same as the Virtual Cocktail Party, only during brunch hours. Hot Chocolate welcome too!
    • The insiders’ view of how The SpeakEasy Cooperative works, and all the shenanigans I go through in terms of business-y stuff, from choosing membership platforms to online scheduling software, so you can avoid similar shenanigans. (SO MANY SHENANIGANS!)
    • A Closed Facebook Group that acts as The SpeakEasy Cooperative Lobby, where we share hellos, ideas, posts we’ve come across, have a grand ol’ time being together, and all that Jazz. Um, yes, pun totally intended. Not open to the public.
    • Our very own SLACK Workspace, where we dig deep and get to work. We ask questions, post PDFs of articles, have a book club, share our own videos, and can organize our communal learning without having to login to social media… fancy!
    • Honestly, this is a game changer. This app is robust and always getting better. It allows a collegial and co-working environment with folks from all over the world.
    • Our own in-house tech consultant: Katie Sturm of Holistech Systems, who answers all questions tech and helps translate all that wonky stuff into voice teacher people language.
  • And, in my opinion, THE NUMBER ONE PERK
    • A Co-Op Community of folks with buy-in, ready to invest in growing one another, and offer their expertise and honest advice, with no judgment, and all love.
    • We agree to be beta testers and bounce-ideas-off-of-me-ers. That’s a thing, swear it.

Private Table (Limit of 15 participants)

  • BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE! Choose a Private Table and get all of the above, plus:
    • A 30-minute monthly video or phone sesh, just us.
      • We’ll go over your plan, what you love that is happening, and ideas to get you moving toward your business goals. We could, for example:
        • Update your business model and review revenue streams
        • Review or Revamp Policies and Rates
        • Bounce ideas around for new ways to access your demographic
        • Make a plan to stay accountable to your next steps.
    • Newer to the field?
      • Let’s talk pedagogy and how to apply all that incredible knowledge you have to your students.
      • Let’s get those policies in place… based on YOU and not on SHOULD’s.
    • Access to #valueshack: Voice Teacher Edition
      • Core Values Discovery exercise developed by members of the SpeakEasy Cooperative and certified life coach Amy Andrew, keeping the specific demands of our profession in mind.

VIP Room (Limit of 10 participants)

    • All the perks of both the Bar Seat, and The Private Table, plus:
      • 60 minute monthly sesh, just us.
        • Go over your website and rejuvenate your brand
        • Create a game plan for your next revenue stream
        • Share stuff about vocal technique and how we learn
        • Pedagogy WTF’s
        • Sing
        • Plan out the next webinar you need to offer the world
        • Develop marketing strategies for studio growth
      • Access to discounts on related items and professional development tools
      • 48-hour response time for emails and texts

Go ahead and Pick Your Poison:

OH! You’re so savvy.


Investing in yourself is molto bene, and you’re using up that professional development budget in the most fabulous of ways. (Don’t forget to expense this on your taxes!) More thoughts on value are coming in the Welcome email headed your way, but I’ll give you a something ponder:

The average cost of voice lessons in the United States is $60 an hour.

The SpeakEasy Cooperative was built so that independent teachers from every market could invest the revenue from just half a lesson up to three lessons a month back into their own education and co-working space.

So whether you live in the equivalent of a $25/lesson market, or a $100/lesson market, this here watering hole won’t dig too deep.


Here’s a bit of what The SpeakEasy Cooperative is doing for its members already:

With the advent of the internet and social media, people have never had such access to pedagogical information. But finding communities of other growth-minded teachers who are not competing with each other is very difficult.

The SpeakEasy fills that void.

The atmosphere is one of exploration, creativity, support, insight, and education. The conversations are illuminating and encouraging. We are all coming in from different levels and pedagogical backgrounds, and yet we all can access each other in ways that allow for these differences. I think it’s been a great place to find teachers with high pedagogical skill in addition to high emotional intelligence.

Justin Petersen

Owner, Petersen Voice Studio

In The SpeakEasy I feel comfortable discussing complex and controversial aspects of teaching and learning voice. It is a very friendly environment for someone like me who questions everything and does not pledge allegiance to a method or guru. I am grateful to have this “virtual salon” with such intelligent, talented, and open colleagues!

D. Brian Lee

Owner, D. Brian Lee Voice

The SpeakEasy has been an incredible experience for so many reasons. As a young voice teacher, it gives me access to a professional network and pedagogy I wouldn’t have otherwise been exposed to. Even more, Michelle does private business coaching, which has benefitted me both professionally and personally. The best part is that it is a safe place to be yourself, regardless of your credentials. You can get feedback on questions, teaching, and so much more without being belittled. It is a warm, welcoming community. The SpeakEasy is exceptionally affordable for any level of voice teacher and well worth the investment.

Allison Saleh

Director and Owner, C'est La Vie Arts

I have been teaching for over 10 years, but as I am brainstorming and working out my new business model, I really feel like I am starting all over with a brand new studio. It’s overwhelming and exciting at the same time. I feel like I am working to put out some new and exciting stuff, but I am sure I will hit the same ‘Oh sh*t’ moment once I put these changes into place. When I do, I wouldn’t want any other folks by my side than those at The SpeakEasy. The SpeakEasy has inspired me.

Kelli Barham

Owner/Music Director, Barham Voice Studio, Regional Theatre of The Palouse

Michelle Markwart Deveaux is truly the coach and vocal pedagogue of the future. She’s a wonderful mentor and is a master at walking the fine line between being extremely useful and an insufferable know it all. I am a better teacher because of her private coaching, and I’m booking performing work because of her! Voice maven for realsies. I’ve never felt belittled or talked down to in The SpeakEasy. In fact, my previous experience is celebrated and encouraged. Both as a voice teacher and a performer.

Sheila Townsend

Owner and Teaching Artist, Upper Floor Studio

SpeakEasy has been one of the best professional decisions I’ve made in my teaching and performing career. I am surrounded by supportive fellow professionals at all levels of their teaching & performing careers.

The SpeakEasy commitment to being supportive & positive as we cheer one another on has been an invaluable support to me personally regarding business practices, ongoing professional development & education, and especially in having “sounding boards” via trusted colleagues.

The trust we have in one another within the SpeakEasy community means we are free to take extraordinary risks. And this freedom to take amazing-but-scary risks sets us free to soak up the exhilarating growth that comes only through taking such risks.

As one of my SpeakEasy colleagues likes to say, “SpeakEasy is awesomesauce!” 🙂

Cara Transtrom

Owner, La Voce Studios

The Awfully Fine Print:
I do my best to provide the most relevant and accurate information I can. And while I’m confident that what I (and the rest of The SpeakEasy Co-op) know(s) will help you out, I am NOT a lawyer, CPA, doctor, or super-hero. (Although my husband would argue that last point.) Anywho, any coaching I provide, and any advice that any SpeakEasy Co-op member gives you, is not in any way meant to replace your good sense and knowing what is right for you. We all do our best based on our extensive knowledge and experiences. We can’t guarantee any financial gain, or emotional enlightenment, or that there will be enough wine at the Virtual Cocktail Party. Don’t worry! When you sign-up, you’ll agree to our terms and conditions. Which is just a fancier and wordier version of all this. See you inside! 

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